eAlerts FAQs

Can I get a Text Message instead of an email?

You can receive a text message by selecting the "Email" option and following the steps here.

How long is my alert valid?

Most of the Alerts are valid for 365 days. If the alert hasn't happened in that time then they will expire. If the event does happen then the timeframe counter starts over at 365 days. Some of the events don't automatically renew such as the "Check Cleared Alert". For a complete listing of all the alerts available as well as their expiration times please click here.

Where can I get a list of eAlerts available?

You can get a complete list here.

How quickly will I receive my eAlert?

Most of the alerts will be sent out daily. Some of the alerts are specified as real time, which means the system checks the alert status every 30 minutes. If the event has happened you will receive notification within an hour for those alerts. To see a complete list of alerts and their timeframes please click here.

I’m not an Online Banking customer. Can I still receive eAlerts?

Yes. While we encourage you to sign-up for Online Banking to better monitor and manage your accounts, First Bank and Trust employees can assist in setting up an eAlert for you. Please contact us for further information.

What if my text message is missing information or I received multiple text messages?

The messages sent from our eAlerts system can have a lot of data. Text messages are limited to 160 characters. If the message contains more than the allotted characters, some people may receive multiple messages or may have messages truncated depending on your device and carrier. 

*Message and data rates may apply.