Online Banking FAQs

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

Register using the link on the upper left-hand side of our homepage.

Why is my application not working?

Do not use hyphens in any place on the form. Do not use in your phone number.

I am having trouble logging into Online Banking and am getting an error message.

If you are using Internet Explorer 11, please follow the following steps to restore connectivity.

  • Running your online banking website in compatibility mode. Launch IE11 - Click on Tools – Compatibility settings – Add the bank’s secure website to list to run in compatibility mode.
  • Update Adobe Flash. Go to to download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash.

Approved Browsers & Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 & 10 only if utilizing Windows 7 or newer
  • Google Chrome 38+
  • Mobile Safari version 5+
  • Firefox 27+
  • Microsoft Vista and XP are no longer supported operating systems.

If you are still having issues, please contact the bank.  

Why is my information not loading correctly?

Your information may be in a PDF format so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. Click here to download the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.