Text Banking FAQs

What are the text message keywords?

Use these text message keywords to gain quick access to the information you need:

  • B, Bal, or Balance: Check the balances for all accounts you have registered in Mobile Banking.
  • Tran or Hist (Account Nickname): Check the most recently posted transactions for the account you specify with the nickname.

Are the keywords case-sensitive?

No. Whether you type "BAL" or "bal," we send a response with your account balance information.

Why are my results sent as multiple messages?

Text messages are limited to 160 characters. Sometimes we can't send all your account information in one message because it exceeds the character limit. In this case, we send your account information in multiple messages — no more than five at a time.

I received my results in multiple messages. Some arrived quickly, but others didn’t. Why did it take so much longer for the others to arrive?

If you receive one message, it means we've sent all the response messages to you, and you should receive them shortly. It may take a few minutes to receive them all, depending on your mobile service. If you haven't received all your messages after a few minutes, please let us know. If the problem persists, you may want to contact your mobile service carrier.

I have text messaging enabled on my mobile phone. Why can't I receive Mobile Banking text messages?

Your mobile service carrier may be blocking short codes, or you may have blocked short codes in your phone options. You must have short codes enabled to use Mobile Banking. (Short codes are abbreviated phone numbers, usually five digits, we use to send Mobile Banking messages.) Check your phone options and then contact your mobile service carrier to ensure they aren't blocking short codes.

*Message and data rates may apply.