Our Mission

It is the mission of the First  Bank and Trust Company to provide Excellent Customer Service to individuals and businesses within our trade area.

Excellence is defined as being professional, friendly and reliable, both as individual bankers interacting with our clients by treating them as they would want to be treated, and as an institution by maintaining high standards that will allow the Bank to meet our clients’ needs in all economic conditions.

Our History

An Early Start

The First  Bank and Trust Company can trace its history almost back to the beginning of Minden itself. Chartered in 1883 as The First National Bank, it has always prided itself in its dedication to Minden and the surrounding communities.

Mid-Century Expansion

N.C. Rogers, who served as the first President of the Bank, was a forward thinker. He took pride not only in his bank but the community he lived in as well.  Located on the north side of the square in Minden for many years, the bank was one of the few Kearney County banks that survived the Great Depression of the 1930s. From this strong beginning, the First National Bank of Minden grew and prospered. In order to facilitate this growth, the bank moved to its current location on the south side of the Minden square in 1959.

Pioneering Technology in the 1980s and Beyond

Continuing with this forward-thinking tradition, the bank has become a leader in the deployment of ATM’s in the area, and currently, has two ATM locations. The bank was also a pioneer in the issuance of debit cards in the early 1980's. In 1982 the bank purchased its own computer and began complete “in-house” data processing. The bank continues to keep its technology up to date. The bank was the leader in bringing Internet service to Minden by serving as the local agent for Minden’s first Internet service provider.

In 1990 the bank was granted fiduciary powers and its name was changed to the First National Bank and Trust Company of Minden. In addition to traditional trust services, the Trust Department offers non-deposit investments and farm management services.

Continued Progress in a New Millenium

The bank ushered in state-of-the-art Internet banking in 2005.  Electronic banking was further enhanced with the introduction of electronic image exchange and imaged bank statements early in 2007.

The bank converted to a state charter in January 2007 and changed its name to First Bank and Trust Company.  This change was made to allow the bank to be more competitive in an ever-changing financial services industry.

Looking Forward to the Future

Today, the bank offers a complete line of banking products and services. Traditional deposit accounts and loan products comprise the core of our institution. However, the scope of our services is broader than this, as we also offer real estate financing for residential, farm and commercial properties, and an array of Trust Services.

The bank continues to be a leader in the community and surrounding areas today. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service with a professional and friendly attitude. You will enjoy our warm atmosphere while we help you achieve your financial goals.

We're here to help.