First Bank and Trust Company of Minden NE is excited to offer our customers mobile banking! Access to your accounts has never been easier! You can bank from anywhere, anytime with our secure mobile banking app. Best of all, mobile banking is free!

With the First Bank and Trust Company mobile app, you can:

  • View your account balances
  • View your most recent transaction
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Transfer funds to make a loan payment
  • Deposit checks by taking pictures with your mobile phone
  • Find an ATM
  • Manage transaction and balance alerts
  • View Account Statements

Mobile Deposits within the Mobile App

  • Place the check on a solid a dark background
  • Position the camera above the check so there is no angle
  • Move any objects that show up in the picture away from the check
  • Make sure the check is visible, contains all four corners, is well lit and in focus
  • The check must contain a readable check number, payee name and endorsement
  • Be sure to endorse the check with your personal endorsement and “For Mobile Deposit Only FBT”
  • The check must contain a readable MICR line at the bottom of the check
  • The check must contain a readable character (numeric) amount of the check and legal amount of the check
  • The check must be drawn on an institution located within the United States
  • Funds deposited before 4:00 p.m. CST will be available the following business day

Now you can manage your Debit Card within the app! This new feature includes:

To see a Step-By-Step Tutorial of all of the features and how to use them, click here!

Take Control
Control when and where your cards can be used based on location, merchant type, and spend amounts.

Loss/Theft Control
Turn your card on/off if you misplaced it or had your card stolen.

See More About Your Purchases
Get more information about your card transactions, such as logos, maps, street photos and contact information.

Spend Smarter
Get rich data about your card purchases, with Spend Insights. Sort spend insights by merchant category, location, and monthly trends.

Go Wallet Free
Forgot your card? No problem. With just a few taps, you can add your card to your mobile wallet and pay with your smart phone.

Set Travel Alerts
Traveling outside of your normal area? You can set your own travel plans within the app to reduce the changes of unwanted transaction denials.

Making banking easier and more convenient-It’s what you’d expect from a friend!


Click on the App Store associated with your device to be taken to the application to download.


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