The Trust Department at First Bank and Trust Company was formed in 1991, expanding our services to suit the needs of our community. When you trust First Bank and Trust with your affairs, you’re dealing with an accomplished and dedicated team committed to your success.

Kelley Ayres began his banking and investment career in the early 1980’s. He holds a Nebraska Real Estate Broker’s license. He can advise you on your various investment options.

Corporate Trustee or Executor of Your Estate

Estate and trust administration are complex and highly detailed. You should carefully consider the time and expertise required to properly achieve your goals. Time requirements may be a significant burden for family members when asked to carry out these duties. Inexperience may lead to errors or omissions which can be costly to your beneficiaries. As tax laws and accounting practices become increasingly complex, it is essential to have a competent and experienced team of professionals handling your affairs.

Farm Management

Farm management is a valuable service for absentee landowners and other individuals who want to maximize the return on their property, yet may not have the time or expertise to do the job themselves. Our farm management services are complete and professional. We will establish a strong and productive relationship with your tenant, or help you select a tenant who will do a good job farming your land. We will work with the tenant to develop a crop production plan that suits your needs and give you periodic progress reports.

We also handle government program compliance and necessary and preventive maintenance of buildings and improvements to avoid potential loss of value.

We understand commodity marketing and can alert you to marketing opportunities or handle those responsibilities ourselves. We’ll develop a plan for crop and casualty insurance that aligns with your tolerance for risk. Our accounting is second to none, and we will provide accurate and concise reports to both you and your tax professional.

Able and qualified individuals conduct our farm management service with a team approach. Kelley Ayres has hands-on agricultural experience from being raised on a farm along with agriculture lending experience since the early 1980’s and a Nebraska Real Estate Brokers license.

We can help…just call Kelley Ayres at 308-832-2030.

**Products offered in the Trust Department are not FDIC insured, are not obligations of this or any other Bank, are not guaranteed by this Bank and involve investment risks including the possible loss of principal.

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